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European (White)
Pubic Hair
Shaved mostly
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Hello gentlemen!!! I am happy to be in Cyprus again , I coming here for a shot time... My name is Toma,  I am Hight Class girl!!!! Intelligent, very fun and playful, have good taste, tall and very sexy, I like to chat and have fun! I'll meet you in sexy lingerie, it will be very hot, you're sure to come back again, I promise!!!

 My Photos is 100% REAL!!!! You can see my Selfie)


 ANAL service, CIM, CIF, Swallow Is Extra                                                             


Dear gentlemen, pleas, make a reservation in advance, so I could see all of you and make you happy)))

You DON'T pay for hotel. Price for my room already INCLUDED in my rates.

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Reviews 10
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By wangobangoyo
Meeting Date 2019-11-12
Duration 2 hours
City Larnaca
Look 10/10
Services 10/10
Communication 10/10

I am delighted to have met Toma... She has perfect English and her voice gave me confidence and a sweet sense of anticipation.
When I got to her place she was wearing one of the outfits and looked stunning.
While her photos are genuine they really do not convey just how stunning Toma is - she is far far more attractive in the flesh. Toned and tanned she has an is incredible face and body. She was very accommodating to my requests and made definitely my day. In terms of her performance, she is gentle, considerate and clearly concerned to please - her kissing is especially wonderful.
She started with an amazing striptease and went about everything from there with energy and enthusiasm.
She is perfectly proportioned curvy busty type. She has beautiful green eyes and lips kisses beautifully nothing fake on her just pure woman and I fell under her spell. Her skin is soft as is her touch and her skills are of the highest level. What followed was the most in charge complete combo sensuous, erotic, fully active and giving in the fulfilling experience, unrushed, flowing effortlessly with a memorable ending. Toma maintains excellent eye contact, is totally focused on your pleasure and is very intuitive about what you need. She is a natural not a While the physical side was amazing there is so much more to her. Being in her company is really relaxing and she is smart and shares some interesting and perceptive perspectives. She is the total package, and offers a level of intimacy which is completely satisfying.
She is intelligent, chatty and cheerful, with excellent English.
Unfortunately all good things have to end but even this was unhurried and enjoyable. I have been thinking about the experience and realized what a fool I have been for not visiting her more often in Larnaca but I aim to put this right very shortly as I am completely smitten! Thank you For the Surprise for a truly amazing experience! I hope to see you again very soon!
Highly recommended. xxx

By hastler6767
Meeting Date 2019-11-02
Duration 1 hours
City Limassol
Look 10/10
Services 10/10
Communication 10/10

The pictures on the website do not do justice to how sexy this lady is. Many advertise it, but she actually treats you as a girlfriend. The service is indescribable, but it is just as enjoyable to sit and talk with her after. She is stunning and a truly wonderful person, you will not regret it

By playerxf117
Meeting Date 2019-11-01
Duration 5 hours
City Limassol
Look 10/10
Services 10/10
Communication 10/10

Wow ,I had the most amazing time, the most easy going girl ever.Booked her for 3 hrs but with Toma time flying and extend another 2hrs, the best company ever, had few drinks ,good music ,chatting ,dancing ,everything to make me happy and left from Toma actually more than happy.She is the TOP OF THE TOP

By bbon83068
Meeting Date 2019-10-30
Duration 1 hours
City Nicosia
Look 10/10
Services 10/10
Communication 10/10

Μιλάμε για ένα πολύ όμορφο πλάσμα, με θυληκοτητα, σαγηνευτική, ευδιάθετη με πολλή καλή επικοινωνία. Δεν δυσανασχέτησε καθόλου. Το σώμα είναι τέλειο και η επιδερμίδα της μεταξένια!! Δεν χορταίνεις να την αγγίζεις. Η πίπα της απίστευτη όταν ανεβάζει στροφές, τον παίρνει όλο βαθιά, στο σεξ πολύ δυνατή σε όλες τις στάσεις και η κωλαρα της κολάζει άγιο...! am εννοειται ότι θα την ξανασυναντήσω όσο είναι καιρός! Η γυναίκα δεν παίζεται, στην τελευταία στάση όπου και έχυσε εκείνη πολύ δυνατά με απογείωσε!!!

By olee70875
Meeting Date 2019-10-27
Duration 2 hours
City Nicosia
Look 10/10
Services 10/10
Communication 10/10

η Toma είναι σέξυ, όμορφη και κάνει κάτι που κατά τη γνώμη μου το γουστάρει και το κάνει καλά! Χαίρομαι πολύ που την επέλεξα. Ήρθε στην ώρα της με χαμόγελο και έσπασε τον πάγο με ένα καυτό φιλί στο στόμα. Αμέσως ξεκινήσαμε και ο χρόνος πέρασε αστραπή... Toma ομορφιά μου φιλάκια πολλά! lovelovelove

By paulplay75
Meeting Date 2019-01-19
Duration 1 hours
City Larnaca
Look 10/10
Services 10/10
Communication 10/10

Είναι οτι καλύτερο έχω συναντήσει σε call girl και από τα καλύτερα πηδήματα γενικά.
Απόλυτα σπάνιο αλλά ταιριάξαμε σε όλα.

Υποδοχή με κορμάκι μαύρο και κάλτσες.Πάντα περιποιημένη και σέξι χωρίς να είναι έκφυλη,ίσα ίσα μικροκαμωμένη και χαριτωμένη.Μαλλιά μακριά όπως στις φωτογραφίες της οι οποίες είναι σχεδόν αυτό που συναντά ο επισκέπτης.
Πρόσωπο,γλυκό με ωραία ματάκια.Χείλη μικρά πολύ ωραία στη αφή του φιλιού. Πολύ ωραία επιδερμίδα επίσης,παιδική.

Στοματικό καλό με λίγη χρήση χεριού όπου με υποδειξη μου το σταμάτησε και συνέχισε άψογα και με ωραίο ρυθμό!
Γατάκι πεντακάθαρο και με πολύ καλή συμμετοχή στη περιποίηση...

Στο σεξ στήνεται πολύ καλά και συμμετέχει αρκετά καλά.Φιλιά,λάγνες ματιές και αναστεναγμοί ευχαρίστησης είναι στα συν της...

Πιστεύω αξίζει σαν επιλογή και σε όποιον του αρέσουν τέτοιου είδους κοπέλες.

Επειδή δεν είμαι ούτε νέος και οι συνθήκες είναι αυτές που είναι, όμως έφυγα νιώθοντας λίγο σαν Βρικόλακας, που με 150 euro πήρε μια τεράστια ανάσα φρεσκάδας και σεξουαλικής αυτοπεποίθησης από το πουθενά.

Καλή συνέχεια!

By yaray
Meeting Date 2018-05-04
Duration 2 hours
City Limassol
Look 9.5/10
Services 9.5/10
Communication 9.5/10

Tamara is a very nice girl that likes to please and seems to enjoy sex.

Upscale hotel, easy booking, all very professional.

Tamara is beautiful and very sexy - perfect breasts, excellent body.

She makes you feel very welcome and gives you the feeling you are special to her.

So quite fresh, but also professional in the right sense.

Would see her again if she returns to Limassol.


By Simo
Meeting Date 2018-05-02
Duration 1 hours
City Limassol
Look 10/10
Services 10/10
Communication 10/10

A few words are enough...MAGIC... If all escort were like her it would not be necessery to review, but she is rare, so sweet. I don’t know if i will see her again, i want to keep this wonderful memory and may be to hard to imagine she can’t be mine. Don’t fall in love, respect her. Thanks you beautiful doll.

By bundesliga
Meeting Date 2016-08-30
Duration 4 hours
City Istanbul
Look 10/10
Services 10/10
Communication 10/10

Tatil gününü fırsat bilerek Vitoria ile buluşmaya karar verdim. Fotoğraflarda olduğundan daha da seksi. Hatta Cate Blanchett gibi bir havası var. Gayet eğlenceli bir hatun. Oteli oldukça sorunsuz ama ben eve gelmesini istedim. Normalde rezidanslara bile gitmiyor ama ikna ettim, beni kırmadı. 4 saat birlikte olduk. Kız arkadaş arayanlar için biçilmiş kaftan. İşini çok iyi bilen birini arıyorsanız kaçırmayın derim.

By fukkara
Meeting Date 2016-08-12
Duration 60 min
City Istanbul
Look 10/10
Services 10/10
Communication 10/10

Arkadaslar kacirilmamasi gereken guzel bir bayan. isini biliyor. odaya girdiginiz andan itibaren sizi mutlu etmek icin herseyi yapiyor. Blow Job performansi super. DT becerisi var. Kendiside zevk aldigi icin cok zevkli dakikalar gecorebilirsiniz. vucut muhtesem. Hele bir de yalamasi yok mu adami ucuruyor. tavsiye ederim. 1 saatin nasil gectigini anlamadim. mutlaka ziyaret edilmesi gereken bir hatun. Tekbkelime ile mukemmel.